Basket Building

Basket building, an eCommerce marketing strategy, encourages shoppers to add maximum items to their online shopping cart and checkout at once. It’s a no-brainer that the more shoppers purchase, the higher profit you’ll make.

To calculate your average basket: Total revenue (earned in a particular period) / Total number of orders (received in a particular period)

For effortless basket building, eCommerce companies follow these strategies:

  • Introducing time-sensitive deals: Creating FOMO is the best way to make shoppers add more products to their cart. To build urgency, create time-sensitive marketing campaigns with exciting deals, festive discounts, etc.
  • Displaying related products: Another effective basket-building strategy is recommending items that complement the products shoppers have added to their shopping cart. For example, if a customer adds a smartphone to their cart, you can recommend mobile covers, screen protectors, headphones, etc.
  • Doing product bundling: Product bundling means creating a bundle of products and offering it a great discount. It will tempt shoppers looking for a particular product to go for the bundled unit.

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