Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targets are those people for whom you customize your marketing campaigns based on their browsing history, shopping habits, purchase patterns, etc. With behavioral targeting, you serve content according to the targeted audience's needs, which consequently, improves the conversion rate.

For behavioral targeting, eCommerce companies take multiple factors into consideration like

  • Device type
  • Visited webpages
  • Location
  • Email open and click rates
  • Purchase history
  • Browsing history

Cookies and pixels are used to collect behavioral data. ​​Pixels are snippets of code placed within ads, emails, or website pages to gather valuable information about website visitors. In contrast, cookies are small text files stored in browsers like Safari or Google Chrome to help websites remember the user activity like visits, items added to the shopping cart, etc.

Both cookies and pixels are generally misinterpreted because they share a common goal of collecting the users’ behavioral data. However, they work differently to facilitate behavioral targeting.

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