Below The Fold

Below the fold refers to the content that site visitors can see only when they scroll down the page. Naturally, the content placed above the fold has better visibility because site visitors see it as soon as the page loads up.

It is worth noting that if the content present above the fold is attention-grabbing, site visitors are likely to scroll down to check the remaining content. Therefore, eCommerce businesses must ensure that content on their website is well-placed, valuable, and optimized as per their goals. This ensures a splendid experience to potential shoppers and reduces the bounce rate.

Should the important content be placed above the fold only?

No, it’s not mandatory because site visitors don’t like to be bombarded with advertisements, CTA buttons, etc. as soon as the page loads up. Generally, companies try to put all the important information above the fold to let site visitors check everything at a glance. But this move often backfires because site visitors don’t like a messy page.

You should strive to ensure a smooth reading experience. For the same, you should place videos, CTA buttons, advertisement banners, etc. properly throughout the page. In short, consider below-the-fold as important as above-the-fold!

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