Branded Emails

Branded emails are customized emails that include images, social media links, text, logos, colors, etc., that resonate with your brand style and messaging. Branded emails improve brand integrity, authenticity, and recognition, resulting in better email open and click rates than unbranded ones.

These are the most effective ways to develop branded emails:

  • Set a color palette: Branded emails should be consistent with the color palette because this gives them a professional look. It’s better to use the same colors for your branded emails that you have used for your brand logo.
  • Be mindful with fonts: Usually, brands use multiple fonts to make their emails look catchy. However, this move often backfires because the use of multiple fonts somewhere ruins the reading experience for recipients. Therefore, select one font and stick to it to improve readability. If you’d like to bring attention to a particular piece of information, bold the text you want to highlight.
  • Create templates for different emails: Templates are the perfect way to avert manual errors and ensure consistency while sending branded emails of various kinds like newsletters, order updates, onboarding, etc.

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