Contact Rate (Contact Ratio)

In sales, the contact rate is basically the number of contacts made divided by the number of opportunities.

Contacts are the total number of people you've talked to about your product or service, while opportunities are the total number of potential customers.

For example, if you talk to 100 people about your product and 10 of them show interest, then your contact rate would be 10%.

The contact rate is a crucial measurement in the digital realm since it enables us to see whether email marketing campaigns, activities, and sales techniques are effective. In reality, the contact rate is a fantastic method to determine which call-to-actions on a website convert.

For example, if we want to see how effective our CTA button is, we would take the number of visitors who hit the button and divide it by the total number of unique visitors. If our contact rate is low, that means either our offer isn't compelling enough or our CTA isn't working/visible enough.

By calculating your contact rate, you can improve your marketing and sales strategies.

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