Cross-selling is a technique to boost sales growth. It means recommending complementary products to shoppers when they are buying something from your store. eCommerce businesses have been following this practice for many years and have reaped incredible results.

Apart from increasing the revenue, cross-selling offers other benefits as well. Here are some:

  • Clears the stock of products (low in demand): Cross-selling plays a pivotal role in clearing the stock of low-in-demand products. For example, mobile accessories like screen protectors, covers, etc. Whenever a customer adds a product to the cart, displaying product recommendations that might interest the customer can increase the order cart value.
  • Better customer lifetime value: Cross-selling helps you make the most out of customer relationships because it is easy to encourage happy customers to consider additional products and make a purchase.
  • Delightful shopping experience: Cross-selling significantly enhances customers’ shopping experience because they can easily add complementary products to their cart without searching for them in your store. It saves their time and increases brand loyalty as well.

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