Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT stands for Customer Satisfaction and is a score that measures the regard of your customers towards your business, products, and services. It is a smart way to gauge how happy your customers are about a particular product or service and can help you find ways to improve them.

CSAT is a strong indicator of customer retention and brand loyalty and answers some of the most critical questions for your business, such as:

What are your customers’ needs?

  • Are you able to fulfill your customers’ needs with your products/services?
  • How loyal are your customers to your brand?
  • Why do your customers prefer you over your competitors?

It helps you prevent customer churn proactively and increase revenue generation from existing customers.

How to calculate your CSAT score?

You can calculate your CSAT score by simply dividing all the positive responses recorded in a CSAT survey by the total number of responses and multiplying the results with 100.

CSAT Score = (Positive responses / Total responses) X 100

For example, if 100 people took part in a survey, out of which 60 gave positive feedback. Then the CSAT score would be 60/100 x 100 = 60%.

A few examples of CSAT survey questions:

How long have you been using this product/service?

  • Are you satisfied with the product/service?
  • Which product features do you consider most valuable?
  • Did our customer support team help you with what you were looking for?
  • Which feature would you like us to add to the product to improve it?

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