Final Mile (Last Mile)

The final mile, popularly known as last mile delivery, refers to the last phase of a shipment’s path or the last leg of the supply chain. It plays a key role in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace by controlling the two main challenges, i.e., speed and pricing.

The final mile delivery approach has pushed the eCommerce businesses to adapt to the changing demands of the customers concerning the deliveries. The entire customer experience has improved greatly with the final mile delivery and speedy transit.

The last mile delivery system ensures that the customers don’t have to visit the store to get their products. It offers customers the convenience of either getting the order delivered to their doorstep or pick it up from a specific location.

How can final mile eCommerce companies improve delivery operations?

  • Leveraging smart technologies such as GPS, RFID for locating fleet, real-time tracking and notification system, and advanced data analytics
  • Speeding up order fulfillment to meet the rising customer expectations
  • Streamlining in-house resources and adopting a hybrid model (freelancer partnership) during a crisis
  • Maintaining transparency in order tracking and the entire delivery process to foster healthy customer relationships

The core objective of the final mile delivery system is to enhance customer satisfaction and create a loyal customer base by strategically improving delivery operations.

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