Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

Google Webmaster Tools or GWT, now Google Search Console, is a free and powerful tool offered by Google to all website admins. Google Webmaster Tools are employed by website owners, SaaS marketing agencies, developers, bloggers, and SEO professionals to track and improve the performance of their websites. This tool is a conglomeration of Google SEO tools and reporting that website owners use to monitor how their sites interact with Google.

GWT offers website owners a detailed report on the health of their website, reporting technical, execution, and security issues such as crawl errors, mobile optimization, increase in 404 pages, broken pages, site indexing, etc. Additionally, this is the platform where website owners receive important messages directly from Google, reporting any issues with or unethical actions taken against your website. It could be a suspicious sign-in, sign-in from an unknown device, detected hack, compromised site by a third-party, malware warming, phishing attack, or manual penalty for bad linking practices, which Google sends via the Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools is the best platform to discover website problems that might affect your search engine visibility and rankings. It is packed with a pool of actionable metrics invaluable for SEO, providing you with detailed insights to improve your website’s organic performance and user experience.

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