Integrated Logistics

Integrated logistics is a service-oriented process that establishes a new approach to managing the departments, functions, flows, and resources that distinguish logistics. This supply-chain organization and business model aims to harmonize and optimize logistics operations and procedures, from raw-material procurement, production of the merchandise, warehousing, and shipping, to the final product delivery for higher efficacy and productivity.

Integrated logistics is driven by a single objective that mandates all the logistics systems that support business operations, right from purchasing, transportation, customs clearance, storage, distribution, and shipping to delivery and returns—to have a single goal. This allows all departments to work in sync, optimize operations, speed up process cycles, minimize costs, and deliver the highest-quality product in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of implementing integrated logistics

  • Improved efficiency in business operations
  • Increased inter-departmental collaboration and process visibility
  • Increased efficacy in inventory management
  • Reduced logistics and operational costs
  • Optimized and quick multi-channel deliveries
  • Accurate prediction of customer needs
  • Reduction in production and manufacturing waste
  • Improved customer response time and satisfaction
  • Profit maximization and business growth

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