A keyword, or a focus keyword, is a word or phrase that best describes the content on your web page or post. It’s a search query or term that you want to rank high for on search engine results with a particular web page.

By identifying keywords and phrases that your target audience uses (high-volume keywords) when they search for products and services similar to what your business offers, you can create and optimize your content with those keywords to answer their search query.

A keyword can be a single word or group of words, e.g., “apparel” or “apparel for women.” So, when we talk about keywords, we often mean a phrase instead of just a single term.

Why are keywords important?

A keyword acts as an input on a search engine, and search results are the output. A search term is an exact word or phrase that a user types into a search engine to find what they are looking for.

The content might be the most relevant search result for any given number of keywords on any given web page. That’s why SEO specialists use the most searched keywords to optimize their website content in a useful way for both searchers and businesses. The primary objective of embedding keywords into your website content is to make them rank higher in search engine results for those search terms, so users find them easily.

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