Label Printing

Everything we buy, online or offline, comes with a label or tag. Labels are used to serve different purposes depending on the type of product they are attached to. They can be used to provide instructions on how to use a product, nutrition information, wash and care tips, precautionary steps, or just a design element to attract customers’ attention. In simple terms, a product label displays essential information about the product which customers must know.

Example: A food product like Maggi noodles might have a list of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare the product illustrated on the product package. These ingredients and instructions are nothing but product labeling by the brand.

What is label printing?

Label printing is the process of printing custom labels for different products through various methods. A good product label is the one that looks great, captures a brand’s message and style, and endures harsh environmental conditions. There are various methods of printing labels, including digital printing, screen printing, and flexographic printing, all of which deliver different results in terms of the look, feel, and purpose of the label.

Label printing today

From small businesses to multinational corporations, brands nowadays choose digital printing over other forms of label printing. Digital printing is the most cost-effective method of printing custom labels with high-quality, full-color graphics and text with less labor-intensive and less setup waste. This process is best suited for printing small label batches of 10,000 or less with unlimited personalization and design flexibility on each piece printed.

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