Multi-Carrier Shipping

Multi-carrier shipping means employing more than one carrier to deliver packages. While many businesses still use only one carrier or carrier network to ship parcels, single-carrier shipping is no more a profitable business strategy.

Good customer experience boils down to three main factors—good on-site shopping experience, prompt order delivery communication, and fast order delivery. To make faster deliveries at low costs, eCommerce brands need to optimize their shipping costs, networks, and times by adopting a multi-carrier shipping strategy. This strategy allows retailers to use multi carriers and shipping services to deliver packages to different locations without compromising the delivery times.

Benefits of multi-carrier shipping

  • Reduce shipping costs by comparing shipping rates across carriers
  • Optimize delivery times by selecting carriers on a package-by-package basis
  • Avoid shipping delays in case of carrier outages or strikes
  • Better customer experience in case customers demand a specific carrier for shipping
  • Better visibility across multiple shipments

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