On-Page Optimization

On page optimization or on page search engine optimization (SEO) is a type of SEO that involves the optimization of web page content to improve the page’s ranking in search results.

It includes a series of processes that optimizes a web page's structure to help search engines find it easily during specific user searches.

Title tags and meta descriptions: Title tags and meta descriptions are one of the most important on page SEO factors. A title tag is the main headline of a page, and meta description refers to the short summary of a page that appears under the title on search results. Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions increase the click-through rate (CTR), which drives more traffic.

Alt attributes: Adding alt attributes to your images and videos helps users and search engines get alternative information about an image that fails to load due to some reason.

Targeted keywords. Maintaining a balanced ratio of targeted keywords in title, meta description, and content is crucial. Most digital marketers keep their keyword density from 1% to 2%.

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