Open Rate

Open rate is an email marketing metric that measures the percentage of all delivered emails that are opened by recipients. Generally, it gives an impression of the effectiveness of your email’s subject line. A strong open rate means your subject line resonates with your audience.

What is a good open rate?

A good email open rate lies between 15% and 30% across most industries. However, it's crucial to look into your specific industry averages and compare your metrics with those in your specific industry.

How to improve open rates?

  • Remove hard bounces: A hard bounce refers to an email sent to an address that no longer exists. It is crucial to remove these email addresses from your list to improve open rates
  • A/B test your subject line: An effective subject line clearly describes what is inside your email, but it’s important to test a few variations to find what works best for your audience
  • Use segmentation: Segmenting your audience makes a lot of sense as it helps you send the right content to the right people, which improves your open rates. You can segment your audience using location, interests, activity, etc.

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