Order Management

Order management is the end-to-end cycle of processing a customer's order through to fulfillment. It is one of the most crucial processes in the eCommerce business as it is directly related to the customer experience.

It is important to optimize all stages of the order lifecycle to deliver a phenomenal post-purchase experience and enjoy the benefits of positive WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing).

Order management begins when a customer purchases something from your online store and ends once you deliver it successfully.

This is how the whole order management process works:


To excel in order management, you should prioritize inventory management, automation efficiency, and access to real-time information. For instance, overstocking and understocking can impact your business’s bottom line and result in losses and poor shopping experiences.

In short, you can enhance customers’ post-purchase experience if you do order management properly because then you will be able to share timely order-related updates with them. It lets you build a unique brand experience and prevents order-related support requests to a large extent.

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