Out of Stock

When a specific product is unavailable for buying at the point of purchase, it is said to be out of stock. Generally, top-selling products go out of stock, especially during a festive sale. You need to ensure that products listed on your eCommerce website catalog are always available in the inventory.

An out-of-stock situation can lead to canceling or delaying orders impacting your customer experience significantly.

How to deal with Out of stock products?

  • State clearly if a product is unavailable temporarily or permanently
  • Give alternative recommendations based on the customer’s preferences and behaviors
  • Put a ‘Notify me’ button on your website to let interested customers register themselves for receiving back-in-stock emails
  • Offer pre-orders for products that aren’t currently available and increase their shipping time to secure sales

It is crucial to check multiple factors like size, color, type, etc., in advance while ensuring the availability of your products. If a particular variant of your product is not available in your inventory, and you miss changing the product status to ‘Out of stock,” then shoppers can experience unnecessary hassle, which, in turn, results in negative reviews.

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