Paperless Returns

Paperless returns refer to the online returns process instead of using the traditional sticky labels with every single return order.

eCommerce returns have factored pretty low on the scale of priorities for retailers until now as most of the retailers are still using the traditional returns method, meaning they have to print out a label and fill out a form which is costing them in the long run.

By going paperless, retailers can offer a smarter and smoother returns solution for shoppers who want to return their products. The traditional returns method requires a printed label attached to the return package. It means that retailers need to send out returns paperwork with every single outbound order affecting the overall efficiency and profitability.

Benefits of supporting paperless returns

  • The number of households owning a printer is very less
  • The importance of green delivery is growing rapidly
  • Paperless return labels enable a convenient process for customers
  • It eliminates the cost of label printing

The rarity of paperless returns is an opportunity for retailers to differentiate and stand out from the crowd by offering a seamless customer journey.

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