Pay-Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is an online advertising model wherein advertisers pay a publisher to drive traffic to their websites. In this model, the advertiser pays a publisher every time an ad is clicked. Some of the most popular PPC platforms are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads.

The PPC advertising model is used for all types of campaign goals, such as:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Increase sales

The advertising rates for the PPC model are determined based on:

  • Flat rate model: In this model, an advertiser pays a publisher a fixed fee for each click
  • Bid based model: In this model, an advertiser makes a bid with a maximum amount of money they can pay for an advertising spot

How the PPC model works

The PPC model mainly works on keywords which mean that your ad will appear only when a user searches a keyword related to your product or service being advertised. Additionally, you will be charged only for the clicks received on your ad and not for the number of impressions.

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