Personalization tailors products, content, and services according to an individual’s needs. Non-personalized shopping experiences are considerably weaker in earning customer loyalty, building a strong brand image, driving faster conversions, and much more.

eCommerce companies take several things into account to personalize their product recommendations and communication, such as customers’ preferences, device usage, browsing history, order history, etc.

eCommerce companies will always consider demographics before deciding how to run a marketing campaign because irrelevant emails, SMSes, pop-ups, etc., may cause opposite results like customer turnover, negative reviews, etc.

The following are some tried-and-tested eCommerce personalization strategies:

  • Displaying recently viewed items via pop-ups
  • Showing product information based on the site visitor’s location
  • Sending emails according to user behavior
  • Creating separate campaigns for first-time visitors and returning visitors
  • Segmenting customers into groups for sharing relevant promo codes

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