Post Purchase

In eCommerce, the post purchase phase is the final stage of the customer journey wherein the customer evaluates their satisfaction level with the purchase and decides whether or not to stay loyal to the brand in the future.

Importance of post purchase behavior

Understanding your customers’ post purchase behavior (how a customer thinks, feels, and acts after buying a product/service) is vital for improving your customer experience and turning happy customers into brand advocates. How your customers feel about the purchase will affect whether they make further purchases from your brand or not.

As an eCommerce retailer, you should focus more on creating positive post-purchase experiences for your customers by reducing post purchase dissonance (feeling of regret that a customer experiences after buying a product from your store). It helps retain customers for the long term and gain more business in the future.

Steps to improve post purchase behavior

  • Delivering great customer service and support channels
  • Proactively taking customer feedback
  • A hassle-free returns management
  • Providing user manual, help guides/knowledge center, and FAQs

Create a world-class post-purchase experience