Product Detail Page

A product detail page, also known as PDP, refers to a web page that showcases the information regarding a specific product of a brand to help the customers know everything about the product before making a purchase. Creating high converting and SEO-friendly eCommerce product pages is an essential part of having a successful online store.

Generally a product detail page may include information in various forms but is not limited to:

  • Product images
  • Key features
  • Product details (dimension, color, quantity, weight, etc.)
  • Product description
  • Product videos
  • Product reviews
  • Social proof
  • Call to action
  • Product and shipping costs

A well-designed product detail page drives the buying process when shopping online, and the lack of it will make your customers dubious about your products and may turn them off from buying anything from your store.

A combination of a descriptive product title, engaging product images, and accurate product details gives your customers a clear idea regarding your product(s) and helps them evaluate easily concerning product attributes and pricing.

Create a world-class post-purchase experience