Purchase Flow

Purchase flow, also known as shopping flow, refers to the number of actions a customer takes to complete a purchase. In order to ensure that your customers complete the purchase, you must understand what their needs are at each point.

The consumer buying process or the purchase flow consists of six stages:

Problem recognition: It is the first stage of the purchase flow wherein the customer recognizes the problem and intends to find a solution

Information search: In this stage, the customer searches for information in an effort to find the best solution to their problem

Evaluation of alternatives: The customer evaluates different options or solutions along with their possible advantages and disadvantages to get the best solution

Purchase decision: Once the customer has explored all the options, they will make a decision whether or not to move forward with the purchase

Purchase: The customer has already decided to purchase a product/service from your store

Post-purchase evaluation: The customer evaluates their purchase based on previous expectations and decides whether or not to buy again from the store

To increase the conversions or number of purchases, it is essential for the eCommerce retailers to understand the thought process that goes into making a purchase.

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