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Quality Score

Quality score is a metric used by platforms like Google and Bing to determine an ad's rank and cost per click (CPC). Along with your bid, the quality score determines your ad position on these platforms. A higher-quality score gives your ad a better chance of appearing in the most optimum position and can help you reduce the CPC and make more competitive bids.

Each platform calculates the quality score slightly differently, and none have released a detailed explanation of how it’s calculated, but Google Ads group the influencing factors into 3 categories:

  • Expected click-through rate (how likely people are to click on your ad)
  • Ad relevance (how well your ad matches the user’s search intent)
  • Landing page experience (how relevant your landing page is to the user and how well it meets user experience best practices)

You can do several things to improve in each of these 3 categories, such as ensuring your ads are relevant for each keyword, writing compelling ad copy, and making sure your landing page fits the search intent and loads quickly.

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