Shipment Tracking Webhook

A webhook, also known as a web call-back, allows apps to share real-time information with other applications. Webhooks deliver data immediately as it happens, eliminating the need for frequent data polling.

A Shipment Tracking Webhook uses webhook technology to send shipment tracking data from carriers or tech providers to your system. Webhooks are more efficient for providers and consumers due to their immediate data delivery.

What’s the Difference Between Shipment Tracking API vs Webhook?

The main difference between a shipment tracking API and a webhook lies in how they communicate with other applications. An API is used by a server to interact with another application, whereas a webhook is an automated call triggered by an event in another application.

While both options allow parcel tracking worldwide, webhooks deliver data immediately as it happens, eliminating the need for frequent data polling. APIs require repeated calls to fetch data in real time.

In the API workflow, your system sends a request to the carriers or tech provider to obtain shipment tracking data. The request is made to retrieve information about a specific shipment. The carriers or tech provider then responds to your system with the requested shipment tracking data. Upon receiving the response, your system processes the information and determines whether the tracking data has been updated since the last request. Here’s a diagram that shows how it works:

In the Webhook workflow, your system establishes a connection with the carriers or tech provider to receive updates for shipment tracking. When a tracking update occurs, the carriers or tech provider automatically sends the updated shipment tracking data to your system.

This communication happens in real-time without the need for your system to repeatedly request data. If a tracking update is detected, the carriers or tech provider directly transmits the update to your system, ensuring that your system remains up-to-date with the latest information.

Businesses can choose between the API and webhook based on their specific needs and tailor their package tracking accordingly.

Why the Shipment Tracking Webhook Matters?

  • Retrieve Shipment Information with Ease: The Shipment Tracking Webhook makes it effortless for businesses to obtain comprehensive shipment tracking information. This helps them stay informed throughout the delivery process, ensuring the correct delivery address and reducing misdeliveries.
  • Extract Accurate Tracking Data in Real-Time: The Shipment Tracking Webhook extracts and displays accurate tracking information, providing businesses with up-to-the-minute reports on shipment statuses. Customers receive reliable updates, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Streamline Operations with Dependable Tracking Information: The Shipment Tracking Webhook enables businesses to retrieve dependable real-time tracking information. They can efficiently monitor carrier delivery performance and display tracking details within their systems or eCommerce platforms.

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