Shipping Incidents

Shipping incidents or shipping delays mean an unexpected and unforeseen logistics issue has occurred. It will now take longer than the estimated delivery date to deliver the package.

One of the most unsatisfying things for customers after placing an order is receiving the order late, damaged, or often, not at all. Shipping delays are inevitable. They lead to angry customers who are on the edge of discontinuing their relationship with your brand if they are not proactively informed of the reason for the delay and how soon they will receive the package or compensation.

Factors that can lead to shipping incidents:

Though there are several reasons why the delivery of the shipments can be delayed, let's have a look at some of the major ones.

Lack of visibility: Lack of complete transparency into the supply chain and logistics process from one checkpoint to another can lead to multiple inconsistencies, shipment damage, loss, and delays.

Outdated technology: Companies must invest in the latest delivery and shipping software that can integrate with their existing backend systems without a hassle. Cloud-based software can help companies harmonize their carrier, tracking, and shipment data on a single platform for better analysis and quick counteractions to mitigate shipping delays.

Weather conditions: Whether cargo is delivered by land, air, or sea—lousy weather conditions can directly impact the delivery time of a package. The deviation from the route, adjustment of the course during a severe storm, or the shelter of the vessel in the nearest safe port can stretch the delivery time of the shipment by 1-3 weeks.

Holidays: With the festive season comes an outburst of eCommerce sales and orders that brands don’t experience in a year. This spike in orders leads to a massive increase in shipment volumes that can overwhelm carriers' shipping capacities, resulting in delays.

Incorrect Address: Taking the spotlight off the courier companies, customer inaccuracies can also lead to delayed or lost shipments. A misspelled or wrong shipping address can pose a significant issue. The courier may not have the accurate details to deliver the customer's package resulting in a delayed or failed delivery.

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