Shipping Insights

Shipping insights and analytics offer valuable data and actionable reporting about many aspects of your customer behavior, order deliveries, in-transit times, carrier performance, and shipping process. These to-the-point and in-depth trailing reports can help you improvise your shipping routes, optimize delivery times, enhance carrier performance, and boost customer satisfaction by taking the best possible actions.

By correlating your order, shipment logistics, and delivery data into one standardized shipping report, you can gain valuable information to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Benefits of shipping insights

Carrier performance monitoring: Comprehensive shipping reports can shed valuable light on the carrier's performance by providing real-time data on on-time delivery performance, late deliveries, transit times, and shipping costs so you can develop countermeasures that can directly impact customer experience

Increase customer satisfaction: Shipping reports can help merchants optimize their overall delivery performance by keeping track of harmonized data on all carriers down to shipment level so that the orders can reach customers on time

Reduce shipping costs: Shipping reports can be a powerful tool to help gauge the historical trends on which a carrier's estimated shipping routes deviated from the invoice, leading to additional charges.

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