TikTok Shop Seller Center

What is TikTok Shop Seller Center?

The TikTok Shop Seller Center is a convenient and all-in-one platform designed specifically for merchants to manage their e-commerce business on TikTok Shop.

It is currently available in Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as the United Kingdom and select markets and platforms.

How can TikTok Shop Seller Center Help Your Business?

It offers a wide range of solutions that cover various aspects of running an online store, including store operations management, customer service and engagement, seller growth and education, performance analysis, and policy updates.

By utilizing the TikTok Shop Seller Center, merchants can effectively handle their business operations and enhance their success on TikTok's e-commerce platform.

How do I Use TikTok Shop Seller Center?

To utilize the TikTok Shop Seller Center, it is necessary to establish a TikTok Shop account specifically for your business and request access to the platform. Upon receiving approval, you will be able to proceed with configuring your account and delving into the various features it offers.

  1. Access the TikTok Seller Center.
  2. Create a shop by entering your information.
  3. Verify your documents.
  4. Bind bank account.

Learn more about TikTok shop here.

Key Features of TikTok Shop Seller Center

Here’s a list of key features of the TikTok Shop Seller Center to help you explore your TikTok Shop account:

  • Customize your TikTok shop.
  • Manage orders and track fulfillment to keep informed of the shipping information.
  • Supports inputting locations for logistics services to pick up and return products, so you don’t need to handle the shipping process yourself.
  • Offers Real-time analytics to help sellers review their selling performance and provide references for merchants to make strategies.
  • Allows brand partnership with TikTok Creator Marketplace.

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