Tracking Information

Tracking information contains all the information a customer needs to track the status of their package. Shipping couriers can send tracking information through email, SMS, or other channels. If you have a reference number for your shipment, you can use that number to retrieve tracking information.

Accessing your tracking information helps you see the time and date when your order was shipped, the current shipment status, and the current location of your package. It may also highlight the origin and destination addresses, though private information like the customer’s name, address, and email are not included in tracking information.

Carriers scan your parcel as it moves through various points in their logistics network. Depending on the mode of transport used, they may be slow or quick to update your tracking information. For instance, if your package is loaded onto a long-haul sea container in Shanghai, China, that's destined to arrive in New York, the USA, your tracking information will show details of the shipper in China but not the New York shipper for at least a couple of weeks.

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