Tracking Page

A tracking page is a webpage where customers can check the status of their shipment. Online stores can build or integrate a tracking page into their website to provide an immersive customer experience. By entering their tracking number on this page, customers can easily view details such as:

  • courier’s name
  • contact details
  • the latest delivery status
  • expected delivery date
  • your product recommendations

The easiest way to create a tracking page is to use a shipment tracking solution. Many providers allow merchants to set up a branded tracking page with their own custom domain name. You might also get the opportunity to integrate personalized marketing assets to drive additional revenue through the page.

Vendors also offer analytics to help you quickly view your landing page performance, plus a report feature to help you share detailed data over time. You can further understand your tracking page performance by selecting dimensions, precision, metrics, and date range. If you use Google Analytics, check whether your solution provider offers an integration — it can give you powerful insights into post-purchase engagement on your tracking page.

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