Tracking Portal

A tracking portal is a software interface that gives customers complete visibility into their shipments. It’s usually secure and private, requiring a username and password to sign in. Self-service is at the heart of a shipment tracking portal because it empowers customers to track their own packages at any time.

Tracking portals bring a wealth of benefits for eCommerce brands and make life easier for customers. Customers no longer have to wait for brands to share the order status. As soon as they receive the login info, customers start answering their own shipping-related questions. Order details can be quickly accessed via the tracking portal without needing to contact a rep.

For brands, tracking portals help reduce WISMO calls by showing up-to-minute status and location info. Brands can also connect the portal with other business systems such as CRM to facilitate information sharing. After-sales support can view delivery statuses to determine when to follow up with customers to ask for feedback.

Many shipment tracking platforms offer a tracking portal, typically requiring merchants to integrate their website with a specific API. The API ensures customers can seamlessly access the portal through the merchant’s website or mobile phone application.

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