Tracking System

A tracking system is a cloud-based software that collects data generated by a single or multiple carriers and shares it with users and their clients in real-time. A comprehensive system is designed to provide automated updates about arrivals, delays, and shipment milestones at one centralized location. This eliminates the need to go through different carrier websites and waste time figuring out the exact shipment status.

Leading tracking systems follow a unified tracking data format. Punching in the tracking number returns important shipment data for analysis, e.g., delivery time, signature, and expected delivery date. Users may search and filter shipments by customer email, carrier, delivery status, and other parameters. Want to view tracking and order details together? Choose a tracking system that offers cohesive insight into order and shipment tracking information.

Additionally, tracking systems often provide the ability to mark shipments as delivered, returned to sender, or lost in bulk or individually via CSV. If you want to proactive address delivery issues, you can download raw shipment data from the tracking system.

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