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Triggered Email

A triggered email is an automated email that goes out to customers based on a pre-defined condition or event triggered by their behavior or action. Companies use triggered emails to inform and build deeper relationships with their customers. As compared to regular promotional emails, triggered emails are delivered on a one-on-one basis, meaning they are specific to the recipient.

Triggered emails exist in various forms, with the most common being:

  • Welcome emails – every time a new user signs up, a welcome email introduces them to the business and the various benefits they have earned.

  • Abandoned cart emails – when a customer leaves without making a purchase, a triggered email reminds them about the items in their cart.

  • Post-purchase emails – order updates and tracking information are sent out when an order is placed to give customers important details and keep them informed of the order status.

  • Current offer/update emails – for each new sale, offer, or business update, triggered emails are sent out to inform customers and make them aware of the new developments.

  • Reactivation emails – When customers don’t engage with a business, a triggered email reminds them of the company’s presence and draws them back.

Nearly all email marketing tools allow users to set up triggered emails. They’re a great way to engage customers and improve their perception of your brand.

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