Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A USP (also known as a unique selling proposition) is a statement that describes how a brand’s products or services differ from its competitors’. This phrase is used to highlight the differentiating elements of a business and its products, as well as what makes it stand out in the marketplace.

All USP statements should:

  • Be unique to the specific brand or product
  • Communicate unique benefits that the customer will receive
  • Be short, snappy, and memorable

The USP is different from the value proposition. Instead of explaining the value of a product or service to customers, USPs are used to highlight the distinctions between a brand and its competitors. The USP does not ‘sell’ a business like a slogan or tagline. Instead, it simply brings attention to the brand’s most unique functions.

Most USPs are based on one of the following factors:

  • A distinctive brand story
  • An original distribution or shopping experience
  • Novel marketing or advertising strategies

A unique selling proposition is not always about being the best, biggest, or cheapest. Instead, it is about being different in a way that matters to customers. Popular brands write their USP to match their brand voice and tone while refraining from being persuasive or pushy in their copy.

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