Viral Content

Viral content is online content that spreads rapidly through social sharing and news exposure. A piece of viral content can be anything from a video to a photograph or just a quote or sentence. What makes it viral is the reaction people have to it. Typically, viral content is meant to trigger emotions in the audience. For instance, a witty, unusual campaign can make customers want to share that promotion with their peers.

There’s no set formula for making your content viral. However, you can improve its chances of enticing people by ensuring it is:

  • Short and eye-catching
  • Relevant to people’s interests
  • Clear and concise in expressing an idea or message
  • Relatable and shareable amongst friends and family

Though there are always exceptions to these traits, most viral content has had at least two of these characteristics. If a business wishes to engage viral content as part of their campaign, they will need to create something their customers want to share with their friends and relatives. By knowing what their customers are most passionate about and integrating that into their marketing strategies, businesses can create content that will inspire customers to advocate for their brand.

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