Voice Commerce

Voice commerce refers to using voice commands to search and buy products online. It requires a consumer to own an internet-enabled device with a voice assistant, such as an Apple smartphone or smart speaker. Voice commerce makes use of functionality in voice assistants to process people’s commands, which are then used to perform the desired action. This makes for a highly engaging customer experience.

A prime example of a voice assistant that processes voice commands is Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa is naturally integrated into Amazon’s storefront apps, meaning users can easily place orders through it vocally. However, other online stores can also facilitate voice commerce by integrating voice search into their websites.

Providing voice command support increases the accessibility of any store. Merchants that implement it provide their customers with the following benefits:

  • Convenience – Voice commerce allows people to shop 24/7. All they need to make a purchase is to speak a command along with a trigger word like “order” or “buy.” Voice commerce allows them to shop when they’re cooking, running, or even multitasking.
  • Quick shopping – With voice commerce, consumers can make purchases more quickly and easily without filling out lengthy checkout forms or logging in to a company’s web store.
  • Improved interactions – Companies behind voice tech are taking steps to improve people's interaction with voice assistants. Over time, these assistants will get better at understanding queries and making purchases on behalf of end-users.

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