Voice Shopping

Voice shopping is online shopping that’s done using your voice. Voice-enabled devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo allow consumers to place orders through voice commands. These devices can also remember an individual’s purchases, track order delivery status, and share brand recommendations.

Voice shopping requires a consumer to interact with their voice-enabled device. The person should ask the voice assistant to order an item, after which the assistant will inform them of the item’s availability and price. If the consumer bought a product recently, the assistant would ask them if they want to repurchase the same item. The person can either confirm the product or ask the assistant to add something else to their shopping cart. The assistant will then ask for confirmation and place the order once it receives approval.

Many major brands have already partnered with voice-enabled device makers to offer voice shopping. However, small brands can also get in on the action by using tools and apps that facilitate voice-activated orders. Such apps are available for most website-building platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. Remember that customers are more likely to turn to a business that can provide them with a quick and effective way to complete orders without the tedium of physical control.

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