White Label Tracking

White label tracking is when your company purchases a first-party shipment tracking solution and presents it to customers under your own brand. Solution providers let you create a branded tracking page and customize it with your brand logo and store URL. Some providers also offer white labeling for shipment notifications, where you can customize email and SMS updates to reflect your company’s brand.

Although you can develop your own shipment tracking solution, you’d have to bear excessive startup costs as well as take full ownership of the customer experience (including bad experiences). In contrast, white-label tracking solutions come at a fraction of the cost and require minimal setup to integrate with your eCommerce store. Plus, white-label tracking lets you share information that you might not be able to provide otherwise, such as expected delivery dates based on different shipping methods.

When choosing a white label tracking service, pick a company that suits your requirements and has wide carrier coverage. Check out their reviews so you can learn which company is more reliable in case of shipment visibility, order notifications, and customer service. You want peace of mind knowing your customers will get the best post-purchase tracking experience.

Create a world-class post-purchase experience