WISMO is an acronym for “where is my order?” It’s one of the most common queries in the eCommerce space. Customers can make WISMO requests through a variety of channels, including calls, social media, live chat, emails, and SMS.

Typically, WISMO requests arise from a poor order tracking experience. Carriers often use varying data statuses, which are difficult to interpret. Plus, they don’t provide much context when it comes to delayed shipping. The good news is companies can reduce WISMO calls by offering realistic delivery timelines, which requires accounting for all potential delays or discrepancies.

It’s also wise to proactively communicate the order status. After the item is packed and shipped, brands send a notification with a tracking link and estimated delivery date. But it pays to go beyond that — offering real-time shipment updates as the package moves through logistics keeps customers informed, reducing anxiety and boosting the customer’s experience.

Lastly, you can set up a branded tracking page that allows customers to self-track their shipments. This also lets you use the empty area on the page to display ongoing campaigns and make product recommendations to your customers.

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