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AfterShip Feed is the TikTok Shop product feed management tool that will auto-sync product and inventory info, protect revenue, and make order fulfillment hassle-free.

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      AfterShip Feed is certified to meet the industry’s most rigorous security and privacy standards and is designed to work with major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, AMZ, Salesforce, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Wix, and PrestaShop.

      1. List on TilTok Shop effortlessly

      Start selling on a new channel with minimal effort and time invested with:

      -TikTok Shop category mapping: Sync products from your eCommerce platforms to the correct TikTok Shop product categories. Enable customers to discover your products easily on TikTok Shop.

      -Bulk listing: Easily select and list products in bulk on TikTok Shop using filters like Shopify categories, product tags, and product titles. See real-time approval status from TikTok Shop for listed products.

      -Product bulk editor: Save time updating listings with bulk editing. Select and edit up to 10,000 products at once, such as product dimensions, weight, certification, and more.

      -Pricing sync: Changes made to product prices on the eCommerce store will be instantly reflected on TikTok Shop. Easily update prices across the entire product catalog with either the original or discounted price.

      -Product identifier generator: Automatically generate industry-standard product identifiers and assign them to the products. Make sure your product listings are in compliance with TikTok Shop's requirements.

      2. Protect your revenue

      Avoid revenue loss and overselling with accurate data between channels:

      -Inventory sync: Prevent inventory count mismatches and overselling to avoid customer complaints or unnecessary refunds. Automatically sync the inventory information from your eCommerce stores to TikTok Shop.

      -Inventory threshold: Configure inventory thresholds for your products on TikTok Shop. Streamline inventory management and avoid overselling when you sell across multiple channels.

      -Price rules setting: Protect profit margins when selling on TikTok Shop. Set rules to synchronize a product's original price, compare-at price, or a percentage above or below the original price.

      -Fulfillment hold: Automatically put orders synced to your eCommerce platforms on hold for one hour. Minimize financial losses due to order fulfillment for canceled orders.

      3. Streamline order management

      Fulfill orders and improve operational efficiency with advanced capabilities:

      -Amazon MCF order sync: Orders placed on TikTok Shop are shown automatically on your Amazon store—and fulfilled via Amazon MCF.

      -Product linking: Automatically identify and associate unlinked products between TikTok Shop and eCommerce platforms. Save time by auto-creating a new order and streamlining your fulfillment process.

      -Sales metrics: View metrics like the number of products for sale, pending cancellations, pending refunds, and pending returns. Get a sense of your current business performance and operation workload.


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