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CSV Auto Fetchby AfterShip

Auto import tracking numbers and order info from CSV at a specific time.

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Tracking Page & Order Lookup

Tracking Page & Order Lookup

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Boost Sales with Email & SMS

Boost Sales with Email & SMS

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Boost On-time Delivery Rate!

Boost On-time Delivery Rate!

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How the extension works

  1. Sign up for AfterShip Tracking account.
  2. Go to “apps” and choose “CSV Connector”.
  3. Enter a HTTP, HTTPS, FTP link where the CSV file is located.
  4. Specify a time for AfterShip Tracking to download the CSV file.
  5. Download a CSV file sample, edit it and upload to the FTP link.

How to fill in CSV (Download Sample)

Field Description
tracking_number tracking number of the shipment (the only compulsory field)
courier the aftership built-in slugs for supporting couriers. AfterShip Tracking will automatically detect the courier if it is not filled.
title Title of shipment. Can be added in the notification message using *|TITLE|*
order_id Can be added in the notification message using *|ORDER_ID|*
order_path Can be added in the notification message using *|ORDER_PATH|*
customer_name Can be added in the notification message using *|CUSTOMER_NAME|*
email enter if you would like to send out delivery notifications. Use comma for multiple emails.
phone please enter + followed by the area code and phone number. Use comma for multiple phones.
origin_country Enter iso3 country code. Mainly for analytics purpose.
destination_country Enter iso3 country code for Origin & Destination Tracking, and also show local courier contact for DHL, UPS, FedEx and Toll Global Mail. Useful for analytics purpose as well.


  • Only tracking_number is the only compulsory field, but suggest to input courier to ensure more accurate tracking.
  • Please remember to keep the header untouched.
  • If you are using excel for editing the CSV, please make sure you change format of the cells into "text" before editing, otherwise, the tracking number will be truncated or the phone number + sign will be identified as a formula.


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