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Deck Commerceby AfterShip

Track your Deck Commerce orders across 970+ carriers and send delivery notifications.

      Centralized order tracking

      Centralized order tracking

      Get real-time visibility into your orders across 970+ couriers to track if orders are moving towards the destination as planned.

      Automated delivery notifications

      Automated delivery notifications

      Give customers peace of mind with proactive shipment updates throughout the order delivery journey from cart to door.

      Shipment performance monitoring

      Shipment performance monitoring

      Improve your shipping times, delivery rate, courier performance, in-transit times, and marketing efforts with data-driven insights.

      Deck Commerce is a distributed order management system (OSM) that empowers eCommerce and direct-to-customer (D2C) brands to build a delightful, memorable, and optimized customer shopping experience throughout the order lifecycle from cart to door. This AI-driven, highly flexible, and cloud-based solution streamlines and unifies inventory visibility, order orchestration, order and transaction processing to order fulfilment, and returns management across multiple shopping channels to help brands convert customers into loyal customers. Merchants can leverage Deck Commerce’s built-for-the-purpose OMS and their existing back-end systems to harmonize and centralize everything that happens once the order is placed, such as managing inventory, organizing orders, tracking shipments, and optimizing networking, rerouting lanes, settling payment, supporting customers, process returns, and more.

      AfterShip Tracking extends Deck Commerce with omnichannel order tracking and communication capabilities. AfterShip Tracking easily integrates with Deck Commerce and auto-import all the orders in a single sweep to its shipment visibility dashboard to initiate automated order tracking. AfterShip Tracking supports tracking for over 970 carriers worldwide, so merchants don’t have to worry about integrating with carriers individually. Just activate the courier you use for shipping and fulfilling orders, and our system will automatically detect couriers for each of the orders based on the tracking number.

      With all your orders on a centralized dashboard with access to real-time tracking updates–order status, location, and estimated delivery times, merchants can rest assured that their order shipping and customer delivery expectations will be met. Powered with automated tracking across 970+ couriers, be prompt to update customers on when they can expect their orders to reach their doorsteps and how you are working round-the-clock on resolving the unforeseen delays with proactive delivery notifications via email, SMS, and Facebook messenger. Increase traffic and SEO ranking of your store with a self-serve, personalized, branded tracking page to relay important order-related information to the customers while fostering repeat sales and brand loyalty with product recommendations and social links.

      Communicate customers' accurate estimated delivery dates with the power of AI across multiple communication channels like branded tracking pages, shipment notifications, and checkout pages. Deliver on customer promises and gain their trust by optimizing distribution networks and delivery times with our real-time analytics and on-time shipment reporting.


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