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Fluent Commerceby AfterShip

Track your Fluent Commerce orders across 970+ carriers and send status-triggered delivery notifications.

      Central tracking hub

      Central tracking hub

      Track your orders in real-time across 970+ couriers on a single screen to improve shipment visibility.

      Send checkpoint-specific communication

      Send checkpoint-specific communication

      Send customized email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger messages on different tracking milestones to reduce WISMO calls.

      Build branded tracking pages

      Build branded tracking pages

      Get your own personalized, branded tracking page for 1-click order lookup and add additional marketing assets to boost sales.

      Fluent Commerce is a versatile, cloud-based distributed order Management system for omnichannel retail that moves at the speed our eCommerce ecosystem is evolving. The Fluent Commerce order management system is designed and built to help retailers optimize their order management and fulfilment strategy by offering a range of cutting-edge and valuable features and functions that can be easily integrated with your business’s existing back-end systems. This unique configurability and flexibility allow retailers to offer a range of fulfilment options that customers expect—Click & Collect (or Buy Online Pickup In-Store), Ship from Store, Ship to Store, In-Store Pick and Packs, Omnichannel Returns, and Customer Service experiences so that you can stand out from the crowd.

      Fluent Commerce order management lets retailers keep track of what is available to sell with access to accurate, real-time inventory visibility. Only sell what is available to promise by keeping a close eye on what’s in stock across all locations, what’s being processed, and what products are ready for pick-up or shipment across all your locations and distribution centres. Take your business to the next level by unifying orders across all your applications on one screen for better visibility. Lookup stock availability and group customer, order, inventory, and location data based on custom attributes to empower your customer support agents to service customers better.

      Fluent Commerce takes care of everything to optimize your omnichannel retail process for faster delivery and better customer experience, but what about what comes after it? Your post-purchase delivery experience holds the trust and loyalty of your customers and if they continue to have a relationship with your brand. Optimizing fulfilment channels to deliver orders faster will do no wonder if you aren’t keeping your customers in the loop every step of the way—and that’s where AfterShip Tracking comes. AfterShip Tracking extends Fluent Commerce with automated tracking and communication capabilities that will keep both you and your customers happy. A centralized dashboard with all your orders across multiple eCommerce channels with real-time tracking updates from 970+ courier services will keep you updated with the up-to-the-minute progress of your orders until they reach your customers.

      While you keep a tab on the status of your online orders, keep your customers informed of the status as well with branded, personalized communications via email and SMS notifications, branded tracking pages, and AfterShip Tracking’s 1-click track button. Power additional opportunities for sales by adding your marketing assets to your branded tracking pages to direct customers to your website. Keep your customers’ shipping anxiety at bay by relying on accurate estimated delivery dates. Take corrective actions to optimize your shipping routes to deliver packages to customers on time with real-time on-time shipment and transit time data.


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