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Get automated tracking updates for your Google Shopping orders across 800+ courier services like UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, BlueDart, China Post, and more.

      Automate Returns & Exchanges

      Automate Returns & Exchanges

      Allow customers to return or exchange products via a branded returns portal. Expedite return shipping with 12+ couriers like UPS & USPS.

      Send Proactive Return Updates

      Send Proactive Return Updates

      Reduce customer inquiries and anxiety with timely return and refund status notifications via email. Boost trust & encourage repeat sales.

      Return Labels & Flexible Rules

      Return Labels & Flexible Rules

      Set smart return rules to recapture revenue and save costs. Generate discounted USPS prepaid return labels with Postmen shipper accounts.

      Detailed description

      How the extension works

      • Sign up for the AfterShip account.
      • Go to the Apps section and select Google Shopping Connector.
      • click > Connect .
      • Your customers can find their orders in your return page.


      Google Shopping’s smooth integration AfterShip Returns Center will be a step ahead in automating the hassle of addressing hundreds of return orders merchants receive every month. Customers can themselves submit a return request, select the item they would like to return, why they want to return it, how they would like to return it, and what resolution they are looking for. Customer satisfaction is the key to repeat sales and brand loyalty. With AfterShip Returns Center you can ensure your customers are getting what they had expected from you as an online brand when they placed an order at your store and a good returns policy is a testament to that.


      Create a world-class post-purchase experience