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Incentivize customers to leave product reviews via AfterShip Reviews and Growave Loyalty

      Bulk import from AliExpress

      Bulk import from AliExpress

      Easily import multiple product reviews with photos onto your store. Bulk import 100 reviews at once. Import previous reviews without fuss.

      Auto-send Review Request Email

      Auto-send Review Request Email

      Set up triggers for sending post-purchase review request emails, collect photo reviews on autopilot. Display tons of reviews to boost trust.

      Display Photo & Video Reviews

      Display Photo & Video Reviews

      Display photos and videos reviews with star ratings on product pages. Manage all reviews in one place to showcase strong social proof.

      The integration of AfterShip Reviews with Growave Loyalty is a powerful solution for online merchants looking to improve customer engagement and loyalty. By incentivizing product reviews, streamlining review management, and encouraging long-term engagement, businesses can build a strong online reputation, drive sales, and grow their business.

      By integrating AfterShip Reviews with Growave Loyalty, merchants can take their customer engagement and loyalty efforts to the next level. Specifically, this integration offers several benefits:

      1. Incentivizes Product Reviews - With the Growave Loyalty campaign set up to reward customers for leaving a product review in AfterShip Reviews, customers are motivated to share their experiences with others and leave valuable feedback for the business.

      2. Streamlines Review Management - AfterShip Reviews' automation capabilities make it easy to collect and manage reviews, saving businesses time and effort. Plus, with customizable review templates and reporting tools, merchants can quickly analyze customer feedback and make informed decisions.

      3. Encourages Long-Term Engagement - By offering loyalty points or other rewards for leaving reviews, customers are more likely to engage with the brand over time, leading to increased customer lifetime value and repeat sales.


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