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make cross-border business easier!

      Best inventory management

      Adopt multi-dimensional inventory management, Record every inventory change, make inventory clear and transparent.

      Maximum compatibility with overseas warehouse dema​...

      Support one-piece delivery, stock transfer, FBA return and change of standard, disassembling and transfer business, flexible pricing strateg​...

      Easy to use, quick to use

      Excellent interaction design and clear division of business modules effectively reduce user learning costs.

      Detailed description

      Lingxing WMS is a new SaaS WMS, providing professional storage information system solutions for the majority of overseas warehouse service providers.

      Lingxing WMS supports one of the mainstream products in the market at present, FBA stock transfer, FBA return and label change and container removal and transfer, and supports overseas multi-warehouse and multi-language services. Cooperate with lingxing ERP to provide more refined FBA business management for many FBA sellers.

      Lingxing WMS can connect with many ERP companies to realize automatic order pushing and improve order management efficiency; We have connected with many logistics providers and supported the function of online order making (forecast surface order) to reduce the error rate of warehouse operation and improve the efficiency of order fulfillment......


      Create a world-class post-purchase experience