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Manhattan OMSby AfterShip

Track your Manhattan OMS orders across 970+ carriers worldwide and send automated delivery updates.

      Optimize order management

      Optimize order management

      Intelligently manage order fulfillment across a retailer’s complete omnichannel network on a single dashboard.

      Reduce WISMO calls

      Reduce WISMO calls

      Keep your customers up-to-date with the status of order deliveries and delays with automated SMS and email notifications.

      Improve shipping times

      Improve shipping times

      Take instantaneous and intelligent decisions about transit routes and shipping times with real-time carrier data.

      Manhattan OMS is a first-of-its-kind, unified eCommerce solution designed and built to help retailers have a 360-degree view of all the customer transactions, in-store and online. The solution is orchestrated to help online merchants profitability and timely deliver on the omnichannel customer delivery experience promise. Built entirely on the microservices architecture and incepted in the “cloud”, its order management system is designed to be expanded per your business goals and growth and never needs upgrading. Manhattan OMS uses AI, machine learning, and IoT to predict estimated delivery dates and ensure that the delivery promises made to the customers are kept.

      Manhattan OMS’s simple and quick integration with AfterShip Tracking will help retailers not only manage store and eCommerce order fulfilment and give them and the customer care agents a centralized view of the order tracking data and customer order histories to offer an optimized in-store and post-purchase customer experience.

      AfterShip Tracking’s extensive network and support of over 970 courier services worldwide will allow Manhattan OMS customers to quickly match their imported orders with the correct couriers and start automatic order tracking.

      Additionally, customers can easily access the real-time order status, locations, and estimated delivery times from the shipment visibility dashboard, and the same can be communicated to the customers via email, SMS, and Facebook messenger to alleviate customer anxiety.

      Delighting customers further and facilitating additional opportunities for sales, our contextual, branded tracking pages are a powerful tool to keep customers engaged post-sales, upsell, and relay important order-delivery-related information with a click of a button.

      Cementing customers’ trust in your brand and further promoting the idea of customer value through exceptional customer experience is our delivery date prediction settings to relay accurate expected delivery dates to customers across multiple communication channels like branded tracking page, shipment notifications, and order checkout page. Optimize the shipment tracking experience with our real-time analytics and reporting to bring about the necessary changes to improve the shipping performance, optimize delivery rate, and post-sales engagement efforts.


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