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OptiMonkby AfterShip

Integrating your OptiMonk account with AfterShip Email pulls over all of your OptiMonk contact data.

      Full customer journey engagement

      Engage customers from start to finish to accelerate sales.

      Smart email automations

      Send the right message at the right time, improving customer conversion.

      Smoothly branded experiences

      Provide customers with a responsive and personalized experience for every screen.

      AfterShip Email's built-in integration with OptiMonk will assist you in quickly migrating the contacts you have collected in OptiMonk to  AfterShip Email with ease.

      With  AfterShip Email integration with OptiMonk to streamline the migration process, transitioning all of your OptiMonk contacts data to  AfterShip Email via a one-time sync. Once a successful connection is established, all your new OptiMonk contacts will also be synced to  AfterShip Email automatically as well.



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