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Postscriptby AfterShip

Update customers on their shipping status (provided by AfterShip Tracking) via SMS.

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Tracking Page & Order Lookup

Tracking Page & Order Lookup

Add your logo, links, products, Instagram feed & more for an engaging experience that drives sales. User friendly, no coding required

Boost Sales with Email & SMS

Boost Sales with Email & SMS

Select 7 different notification triggers. Work with a flexible drag-and-drop email editor. Drive engagement & sales with Klaviyo emails.

Boost On-time Delivery Rate!

Boost On-time Delivery Rate!

Easily track all order statuses in one place. Find shipments easily by delivery status, carrier, customer email and other parameters.

How the extension works

  1. Sign up for AfterShip Tracking account
  2. Install Postscript to your Shopify store.
  3. Go to the Integrations tab on your Postscript admin and click on AfterShip Tracking.
  4. On the Integrations tab, paste the webhook secret from your AfterShip Tracking account's webhook page and copy the webhook URL provided there.
  5. Go to AfterShip Tracking's webhook settings page
  6. Paste the link in the Webhook URL field and save your integration.

Note: To avoid duplicate SMS notifications and use PostScript, please disable AfterShip Tracking SMS notifications.


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