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Zendeskby AfterShip

Quickly respond to customers' order-related queries with easy access to AfterShip's tracking updates inside the Zendesk ticket.

      Centralize customer data

      Sync tracking numbers associated with the customer’s email address and display the latest delivery status of the related shipments at the ti​...

      Optimize after-sales experience

      Give your customer support team quick access to the customer’s order and shipment details inside the Zendesk ticket without switching applic​...

      Improve ticket resolution time

      Be quick to answer customers’ pressing issues related to order delivery with fast package delivery updates track down.

      Detailed description

      Zendesk is a customer support software for eCommerce businesses that aims to turn customer support into profit pools. With every minute detail of the customer sitting right there at the support ticket window, the level of service is exceptional.

      Zendesk's seamless integration with AfterShip sits at the core of quick response time and centralization of customer information. Without switching applications, support agents get the complete picture behind the prevalent customer issues within seconds. Zendesk syncs tracking numbers associated with the ticket raiser's email address or phone number and displays the latest delivery updates of the related shipments from your AfterShip account. This gives your support team an upper hand on the whereabouts of customers' orders to answer their delivery issues in a matter of seconds.

      Your customer support team's productivity will increase, and so do your business ROI with one-click access to all the tracking numbers linked to customers' email addresses or phone numbers. Your customer success team can also view all the relevant information for associated shipments like order tracking status, estimated delivery date, order number, order date, courier service, delivery date, pickup date, and more. This will give them more leverage to address the customer queries with more efficiency and accuracy in the least possible time.


      Create a world-class post-purchase experience